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North High School

Sam Basketball Action #1 - 2019

Sam Basketball Action #2 - 2019

Sam 45 yard catch vs. Harrison 2019-10-17

Sam throws for the first down 2019

Sam QB rollout 2019

Seventh Grade (2018/2019) - Honors and Certificates

Sam wins 200 meter race at MHS 2019-04-22

Paul Folz (green) and Sam (rose) race the 4 X 100 at MHS 2019-04-22

Sam wins 200 meter race at MHS 2018-04-28

Congratulations to Memorial Feeder Sixth Grade Basketball 2018 Hatchet Classic Champs!

2018 6th Grade Hatchet Classic Champs

Sam at Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama 2017-11-07

Sam Elected to Student Council 2017-09-14

Sam HR Spring Concert 2016-05-13

Congratulations to Holy Rosary Fourth Grade Basketball 2016 Diocese Champs!


Congratulations to Memorial Feeder Fourth Grade Basketball 2016 Hatchet Classic Champs!

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